Why you should self-promote your work

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Self Promoting Self-promoting is not sucking up, in fact suck up is unearned attention of presenting yourself as your boss wants to see you. Sucking up to your boss is reviling by your peers and direct reports; it is often seen as brown nose and bootlicker.

It might be discomforting to know that self-promoting your work is the required ingredient for career progress; days are gone when hard work would speak for itself. There is enough noise out there for your managers to lose focus of your work and achievements, it is clearly evident from the way companies are employing people, we are using less and less of job posting sites and resume as evidence and moving towards professional networking sites like LinkedIn for recruiting suitable candidates. These sites have inbuilt nature to embrace self-promoting, a recruiter would prefer a person with more recommendations to his LinkedIn profile if asked to choose a candidate.

You can still duck your head in sand and ignore the importance of self-promotion. Ignoring it is not a neutral state but in fact has a negative impact, it’s only a matter of time to understand the damage and clinch to it.

If you are not recognized, you simply are not rewarded. If your boss does not know your skills and your contributions in the project then it is right of you not to expect a reward from him or organization.

If you are unseen then you are not visible from both sides, what it means- you don’t have an understanding of company objectives and its goals. Your contribution is usually off the target and is not aligned with the company goals.

Leaders are overwhelmed with work and like to be in loop and be informed of the progress. This gives them accurate information to report on. Part of being self-promoting is to notify your manager what you have been doing and what’s achieved.

You can start impressing your boss everyday of your life. You can be a skilled impresser and yet maintain your ethical boundaries. There are many payoffs by being a self-promoter.

Get promoted. Even though getting promotion is the end of self-promotion cycle, it is also the beginning of new cycle, remember the saying everyone has a boss to report to. Effective self-promotion helps you to advance in your career and increase your pay.

Will keep you motivated. Accepting new roles and challenges helps you to build on new strengths building in the new found confidence.

Build credibility. Self-promotion helps you build the credibility, it will become a fulfilling prophecy where you deliver what’s expected and people expect good quality work delivered on time from you.

Increase influence. With new gained motivation and credibility you have power to influence people along the way and people show little or no resistance in this transition.

Self-promotion is a way to accurately remind others about what you bring to the table, build your reputation, and gain influence.

So next time you shy from self-promotion or being lazy to promote your work remember

Genuine Self-promotion is part of the job contract that you sign, you are leaving your work half cooked by not promoting it. Click here to tweet

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