How to do delayed shutdown of your windows PC or cancel timed shutdown

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When was the last time you had something downloading or a new software that your were installing, where you wanted to shutdown your PC but didn’t want to sit there all along waiting but rather wished if it could shut it down itself after x amount of time.

Windows has in built functionality to achieve this but don’t have UI interface.  It is quite straightforward and easy to use, type in the command

shutdown /s /t 60
This will shut down windows after 1 minute.

Step by Step

1. Click on start button.

2. Either type ‘Run’ or click on ‘Run’ depending on your customization

3. Type in Command ‘Cmd’

4. With in the Command window type in ‘shutdown /s /t 60′

 To cancel delayed or timed shutdown

Follow the steps 1 to 3, where in the command to cancel shutdown is ‘shutdown /a

For more options to in shutting down your windows type in ‘shutdown /?’, you will be presented with the following information

Usage: shutdown [/i | /l | /s | /r | /g | /a | /p | /h | /e | /o] [/hybrid] [/f
[/m \\computer][/t xxx][/d [p|u:]xx:yy [/c "comment"]]
No args Display help. This is the same as typing /?.
 /? Display help. This is the same as not typing any options.
 /i Display the graphical user interface (GUI).
 This must be the first option.
 /l Log off. This cannot be used with /m or /d options.
 /s Shutdown the computer.
 /r Full shutdown and restart the computer.
 /g Full shutdown and restart the computer. After the system is
 rebooted, restart any registered applications.
 /a Abort a system shutdown.
 This can only be used during the time-out period.
 /p Turn off the local computer with no time-out or warning.
 Can be used with /d and /f options.
 /h Hibernate the local computer.
 Can be used with the /f option.
 /hybrid Performs a shutdown of the computer and prepares it for fast sta
 Must be used with /s option.
 /e Document the reason for an unexpected shutdown of a computer.
 /o Go to the advanced boot options menu and restart the computer.
 Must be used with /r option.
 /m \\computer Specify the target computer.
 /t xxx Set the time-out period before shutdown to xxx seconds.
 The valid range is 0-315360000 (10 years), with a default of 30.
 If the timeout period is greater than 0, the /f parameter is
 /c "comment" Comment on the reason for the restart or shutdown.
 Maximum of 512 characters allowed.
 /f Force running applications to close without forewarning users.
 The /f parameter is implied when a value greater than 0 is
 specified for the /t parameter.
 /d [p|u:]xx:yy Provide the reason for the restart or shutdown.
 p indicates that the restart or shutdown is planned.
 u indicates that the reason is user defined.
 If neither p nor u is specified the restart or shutdown is
 xx is the major reason number (positive integer less than 256).
 yy is the minor reason number (positive integer less than 65536)
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